Sunscreen is the Key to Successful Winter and Spring Break Travel

Don’t worry, Sun Worshipers! I’m not going to rain on your parade. I won’t tell you that you have to stay covered head to toe and shun all UV light, all the time. I know you want to live with the sun on your face, to be warm and breathe in the occasional ocean breeze. And more power to you! The sun is essential to our body’s functions and helps a great deal in curing the blues. But…

Skin cancer is a real and serious threat that is on the rise for Americans. As you head off to some sunny and lovely destination, please protect your delicate skin carefully. It does not matter if you have naturally deep skin color that tans easily. Sunscreen is not just for the fair and freckled. We must all take precautions to maintain the best and healthiest skin we can. And, proper sun protection helps stave off aging. Need I say more?

With that in mind, I have provided a link to help you decode the sunscreen labels and really get to the bottom of that sunscreen purchase. In addition, I want to remind you: more really is better with sunscreen. If you find yourself keeping the same bottle over from one summer to the next, you seriously aren’t using enough. Buy new sunscreen at least every season, please. A bottle really should not last you more than a few weeks if you go out in the sun regularly and are applying it to your whole body. For example: in order to get the SPF promised on any label, you should be using about a teaspoon of sunscreen just on your face and neck alone. Yeah. Let that soak in a minute (pun intended). That’s quite a bit of sunscreen.

Remember to re-apply as the label directs. Remember there is no such thing as “Waterproof.” Nope. There isn’t. So, slather up and smell like a big coconut! And go have some fun in the sun, you!

(You’ll probably have to copy and paste this address to your browser because I am not savvy enough to give you a link you can just click on. Sorry.)

Renee Tingley, CPE

Jan Morgan