Introducing: The Beauty of Healthy Skin

We are thrilled to bring you a new approach to healthy, glowing skin by way of Epionce Skin Care. Founded in 2002 by Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, this elegant line delivers the highest quality, technology-driven skin care that will:

  • Repair and optimize the skin barrier. Epionce helps stop the cycle that damages the skin by working at the core of its own reparative systems to optimize the function of the skin barrier and reverse and block chronic inflammatory factors that sensitize and age the skin.

  • Improve visible aging. The combination of Epionce Renewal Facial Cream with Lytic Tx is superior to prescription retinols in imbuing the skin with increased clarity and smoothness WITHOUT the redness, drying, and sensitivity.

  • Improve dark spots without hydroquinone. The Epionce MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System for hyperpigmentation outpaces the results of a 4% hydroquinone & tretinoin 0.05% regimen. Epionce MelanoLyte Skin Brightening System has proven safe and effective in Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-IV without irritation or regression (reoccurrence of pigmentation once the system is discontinued).

  • Address chronic acne with powerful ingredient technologies. Carefully formulated combinations of salicylic acid and azelaic acid along with luxurious botanicals bring about healing, reduced redness, and freedom from breakouts no matter the skin type, even the most sensitive.

I am personally excited to be able to offer my clients an approach to skin care that is in line with my own philosophy. As I have gotten, ahem, older, I have recognized a need for skin care that treats my skin with care and healing while staving off the effects of my birthdays! This is the first line I have found that is gentle, pure, easy to use, and actually delivers the results it claims to, without causing irritation or dryness. Oh my gosh! A beautiful line that is actually fun and pleasant to use! Yes!

A favorite product of all our staffers so far is the Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50. This is a light weight, self-adjusting, blendable tint that works for most skin tones. It is wonderful under makeup or can be used alone for soft, diffuse coverage. 

We would love you to stop in the office so you can see our new displays, as well as take home a complimentary sample regimen for your skin type.