Fall Marks the Start of Facial Season!

…make this fall the season you start a year-round ritual!

It’s fall, and that means I’m beginning to see my schedule fill up with facial clients. My massage table is super soft and pre-heated, essential oils gently scent the air. I’ve spent the summer hard at work researching and updating service and product offerings. As the seasons change it is the perfect time to shift into the enjoyable, gratifying ritual of an expertly administered facial.

But why? if you’ve ever had a great facial, I had you at the introduction. If not, you may need a little more convincing. While it is true that the benefits of a consistent and quality home care routine can not be replaced by the occasional facial, there really is no way to replace a professional spa facial at home. A great facial not only has benefits for your face, but also for total-body well-being.

A study showed that facial massage caused a 31% drop in cortisol, the chemical produced by the body during times of stress. It also stimulated a 31% increase in dopamine, and a 28% jump in serotonin, which are neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of happiness and self-worth. Touch, as received by reflex receptors in the skin, stimulates blood and lymph flow and relaxes the central nervous system.(1) Sign me up!

In addition to wellness benefits, a facial every four to six weeks will cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. Clients will notice improvement in texture, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and discoloration. Home care products will penetrate better, so a good routine will be even more effective. A clear, well-hydrated, and youthful complexion can help bolster confidence and contentment.

The visible results of a facial will typically last 48-72 hours, longer with a committed home care routine. Beyond the visible, however, consistent self care helps us all to take a realistic, long-view approach to aging. A regular facial habit can help you look like your best self, which makes it much easier to accept a healthy “look your age but better” point of view.

Wondering how to hold on to those glowing facial results? Don’t wash your face again the day of your facial. Let all those glorious vitamins, peptides, and brighteners stay put to do their best work. Drink plenty of water (always, but especially post facial). Try to keep freshly exfoliated skin out of the sun and always wear a mineral based SPF. Give yourself some extended time without makeup, if possible. Keep up with your recommended routine at home.

Americans often view facials as an indulgent luxury. Truly, with our hectic lifestyles and overloaded calendars, we would do well to see them as necessary self care. We should never neglect ourselves, not even in the tiniest of details. We are best positioned to meet the demands upon us when we have had a chance to fill our tanks. Try a professional facial this fall. Your may find yourself excited to adopt a whole new outlook on personal care and well-being!

To the eternal beauty of your skin!

Renee Tingley, Esthetician, CPE

(1) www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16162447